New digital collage from Neil Jupurrurla Cooke (soon to be titled) in collaboration with French artist Lisa Schittulli


"We have got the snake that represents Water Dreaming, we have got turkeys, we have got Bush Potato Dreaming, also Kangaroo Dreaming, and all the native animals. As we look up in the sky we can see the emu that gives us more information about the Dreamtime story, it's all in one, as we sing, as we do body paintings. We sing at night and we are celebrating the land. The rain is freshing up the land so that everybody and the animals can live. You have got the possum that lives in the rocks that represents Possum Dreaming. It's about what we see, what we hear from the elders, from the old people, passing the message to Warlpiri young and old, especially young people to learn from this Jukurrpa. We represent our culture, we have lived on it for many years."

Neil Jupurrurla Cooke