This afternoon we had three parliamentarians stop by the art centre to meet the artists, art centre workers, and see all the artwork. Senator Nova Peris, and members of parliament Ken Vowles and Gerry McCarthy were all impressed with the vibrancy of Warnayaka artists' painting. They were really interested in the YAMA project and were looking forward to seeing the works exhibited elsewhere - hopefully they will help us with funding then because transporting anything from the very remote community of Lajamanu costs a fortune! We told them that we are grateful to the Australia Council who has funded the production of the YAMA project so far, including a mentoring trip for two lead Warnayaka artists over to Europe to work with Gretta Louw. Production of YAMA has been funded by the Indigenous Experimental Arts Fund - a great initiative!

Also in the images above, you can see senior law woman and acclaimed painter Lily Nungarrayi Hargraves, who is currently at work on a mammoth new painting for an overseas collector.