Digital collage, Sheree Napanangka Anderson, 2014

Although very few people in Lajamanu own their own computers, digital image manipulation and creative use of digital collage techniques are very common here. Mobile phones are the primary artistic resource here in the digital field and people are adept at using this rather limited tool to achieve their desired effect. The rampant popularity of downloadable digital photo templates, effects, and decorations is a testament to people's interest in digital creativity and image construction. One of the very significant tasks of the YAMA project team - supported and coordinated by art centre Manager, Louisa Erglis, of which I am a part - is to gather and save as many of these digital images as possible. We believe that this collection of images - which range from funny to sentimental, kitsch to contemporary - is an extremely important record of people, family, and culture in Lajamanu, as well as technological and cultural change, and art-making practices.

As a digital artist myself, I am so curious about the fantastic images that are being created in Lajamanu - and I have the distinct feeling that this is going to be seen, in retrospect, as a significant moment in the development of Warlpiri and Lajamanu art. Future history in the making...

- Gretta Louw