My name is Jenny Johnson Napurrula and  I am  from  Lajamanu and I work at  Warnayaka  Art  Centre.  On Friday from about 6pm to  8pm at  night  it was  such a great night for all of  the  Art  Centre  Staff and Members. Some of the  Kardiya (non-indigenous) joined in with us and helped us. It was about YAMA  Project  that we showed them about. So that's what YAMA Project is about and we had all the photos around the little YAMA shed  just outside the Art  Centre  and  also we showed them videos as well. 

Some kids helped Sam Jakamarra cook sausage and onion and we had bread and cold cordial. So  We  had  a little  BBQ at  the Art  Centre  just to bring people to show them about what YAMA Project means and to  show  the  kids  as well. And it was so nice - the shed was so colourful, it  looked great with everything  inside it and outside. People were so happy to see that.