Hello everyone my name is Sharon Nampijinpa Anderson I'm originally from Yuendumu which is West of Alice Springs but my parents decided to moved to Lajamanu which South West of Katherine, North of Tanami Desert. I have been through both ways education which enables me to read and write in my own language which is called Warlpiri. At first I didn't know anything about digital art until I was taught by Gretta. As I was traveling through the Tanami Road I took photos of the water and lakes along the way then I had this idea came to me that I should do a project on Water Dreaming so that I can share with my families and grand children. The first thing I did was I took the photos and download the photos into mac computer.  From there I had to get other pictures from web and other people. Me and Gretta did lots of editing on this project. It is important to tell our stories through digital art not only through paintings or videos because for younger generations they can see the clear picture of where that story or jukurrpa is coming from and which area or country it belongs to.

I would to thank ANKAAA staff for providing me with a new camera for my work.

Ngapa Dreaming, digital collage by Sharon Nampijinpa Anderson and Gretta Louw, 2014