YAMA means that to teach younger kids and young teenagers about this project and other thing as well when kids go out anywhere its that when we there with them its  just still part of our YAMA project work, even when we take photos about them out in the bush its still part of our work. Some of the school kids  come to art centre and do painting and we take photos of them and we put all of their paintings and photos together with their story and bring that up to YAMA project and its part of our art centre work too and we do need young teenaged boys and girls to work with us as they might come up with there own ideas around our community. We need young kids to get involved with all the staff at Lajamanu art centre - and other thing is feel free to come to art centre and join in with us in YAMA project, its about our community especially for our young teenagers to keep them busy instead of walking around all night, keep them away from breaking in and sniffing. We don't wont that to happen in our community we need to help them to keep our kids busy in our community and other thing is that  we  getting some  old people involved as well with us in this YAMA project we need them to help us with our young teenagers and young ones I think its very important for our community and for our people to help each other. I think its very good for us to help all our kids in the community, its safer for them to do this YAMA project.

- Jenny Napurrurla Johnson